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Simone Spinelli

Tenuta Spinelli’s pride is without a doubt the excellent territory where its Pecorino comes up.

Going on to Castignano towards Rotella looking up you can see a mountain, Mount Ascensione. At its foot there is a literally surreal place: Montemisio.

A place rich in history. Here one of the greatest Ascensione woods used to rise and thanks to them you could situate, at the time, Rotella’s municipality. Following the decision to build the Adriatic motorway, many of the wonderful oak trees living there were cut down. All but one which, thanks to the local farmers’ audacity, shades the beautiful sanctuary now.

Near the sanctuary, Simone Spinelli – who was young, ambitious, full of confidence in himself and in a native vine, decided to plant a few hectares of Pecorino. It was his good fortune!

The nature of the land that receives the vineyard is reflected in the Pecorino wine. The red, stony, fresh soil, , the altitude (550 meters above sea level), the temperature range of the place and maybe a magical atmosphere are found in Artemisia, one of the “founders” of the vigorous, spirited Pecorino school.

Simone calls his Pecorino "Artemisia" in memory of Artemis, goddess of hunting and fields, because ages ago there was a pagan temple dedicated to the goddess exactly in this sacred place.

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